CAS Week 4 diary

Diary on Goal Progress: Week Three
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Instructors Name
Dear Diary,
This is week three of working on my time management and exercising goals. In the
previous two weeks, I learned techniques and tactics to improve my two goals. This week, I
learned to appreciate my efforts and fix my mistakes. I have continued to understand and
determine what works for me and what cannot work. In the third week, I continued to utilize the
strategies I set in the second week. I progressed in adopting and utilizing my devices’ fitness and
time management apps. I adapted well to the apps’ routine and ensured that I followed them to
the latter. Therefore, I made good progress in achieving my time management and exercise
In terms of time management, I cut my screen time by half this week. The time
management app on my phone triggered a response after reaching my screen time limit. I was
then able to leave my devices and perform other duties. I have made good progress towards time
management as I achieved more than in the previous weeks. This week, I also realized that I was
more efficient in my time management if I didn’t allow myself to get bored. I recognized that
music helps with my concentration when performing some tasks. In the coming weeks, I will
explore the use of music to improve my time management.
In terms of exercising, I also made significant progress from the previous weeks. I tried
different physical activities in the second week to determine what worked for me. I went for an
evening stroll, tried a low-impact cardio workout tutorial, and did a fifteen-minute aerobic dance
exercise. This week, I implemented the physical activities and got adapted to them. I went for an
evening stroll on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and returned to jogging. I also did 15 pushups
and ten press-ups each day of the third week. I plan to gradually increase the time I work out
until I have reached my goal of exercising for an hour daily.
In conclusion, the third week has been a success in terms of achieving the goals of time
management and exercising. The implementation of strategies set in the previous weeks has
yielded positive results. I am motivated to continue the progress made so far and achieve even
more in the coming weeks. I look forward to exploring using music to improve my time
management and gradually increasing my workout time until I reach my goal. I also strive to
increase on my cardio workouts.
The goal of this project is threefold: first, to change the aspects of yourself that you have always
wanted to; second, to know who you are; and third, to use that information to your advantage
when you actually start applying for jobs. Over this course, you have been asked to take multiple
surveys that should give insight into who you are as well as how you behave in work settings.
This assignment requires you to extend on that knowledge and learn how to present an authentic
and improved version of yourself to employers—since it is in yours and your future
organization’s best interests that both sides present a realistic and honest picture of who both
parties really are. All written components are to be submitted online via dropbox for plagiarism
checks unless otherwise stated.
Part I: What you want to change (1000 points total)
You have just learnt different motivational theories. The first part of the project will have you
focus on applying Goal Setting Theory to changing two aspects of your life. You are to choose
two aspects of your life you intend to change and write about it (300 points, change proposal).
This can be any area of your life, e.g., exercise more, be more punctual to classes, or even
changing your personality (be more extroverted). Your change proposal should consist of not
more than three written pages (cover page and appendices excluded) outlining which aspects
you want to change and how. When writing about the aspects you wish to change you should tell
me in detail:
1. What is the aspect of yourself you want to change and why. For example, is it currently
creating problems for you, if so what (e.g., consequences)? Is it a self-development project you
have always wanted to embark upon (e.g., programming)?
Relatedly, you should answer in detail the following:
a. What are the best possible outcomes I stand to gain if I reach this aspect?
b. What are the worst possible outcomes I stand to lose if I don’t reach this goal?
c. Where are you at now and where would like to be at the end of the assignment.
2. What are the goals you intend to set to change this part of yourself? Discuss how your goals
you set are in accordance with goal setting theory. These goals should be (1) difficult but
attainable, (2) specific and concrete, and (3) will provide feedback about your goal progress. You
can also use tools like the “small steps” approach or the “If … then” approaches to setting your
Small steps. Assume you want to change your personality to be less anxious / depressed.
An example of a “small steps” approach might be: “I will spend 2 minutes writing about
what went right about my day each day.”
If … then. An example of a “If … then” approach might be: “If I feel stressed or anxious,
then I will call my mom to talk about it.” Your plans and goals should obviously more
You should include a cover page and formatted in APA 6 or 7. If your work is deemed overly
sloppy or slipshod I reserve the right not to grade your work at all and have you re-submit the
work with ALL the late penalties associated with it. This change proposal and is due on the 14th
March at 9:00am. Please submit an online copy via dropbox and a bring printed hard copy
in class for this component.
Keeping track of your goals (100X 7 = 700 points)
You will use a diary to keep track of these changes for 7 consecutive weeks (100 X 7 = 700
points). Do so by using a word (doc) file and write about your goal progress every week
evaluating whether you were successful or not in meeting your goals and what you would change
for the next week. These should be approximately a page long and submitted APA format. You
are to submit this only in softcopy. Submissions are due on Sunday at 11:59pm each week
starting at the end of week 9 (19th Mar onwards). Late or shoddy submissions count as an
automatic zero.
Part II: Who you are (500 points total)
In addition to the surveys you have taken in class, you will need to take and report on three of the
surveys (3 X 100 points). They are:
1. Your interests:
2. Your values:
3. Your personality (select the original not the short version):
1. An attachment of your results (3 total). Please use the print to pdf function from your
browser and attach it to your dropbox submission. This part are your Traits and is due
21st Mar by 11:59pm.
An annotated cover letter (200 points)
In this second part, you are to find a real job posting and craft an (2) annotated cover letter. The
cover letter should be written as though you are applying for the position. Where this differs
from an actual cover letter is that every paragraph should be annotated explaining how the
paragraph written does the following:
a) Addresses what the job ad is asking for
b) Addresses what the job entails (use the ONET)
c) Your current skillsets that met those requirements
d) How what you have learnt about yourself in part 1 that fits the job.
e) How what you have learnt about yourself through the course from the in-class surveys
fits the job. (Please use the names of the actual constructs, e.g., sportsmanship or
1. A 2 to 3 page cover letter with annotations that include all of the five points above in
detail. This submission is due on the 3rd of May at 11:59pm. Please submit an online
copy and a bring printed hard copy in class for this component.
Assignment component
1. Change proposal*
2. Diary+
3. Traits+
4. Cover letter*
Due date (points)
Penalty type
14 Mar at 9 AM (300 points)
Every Sunday from 19th Mar 11:59 PM 7 x 100 points) II
21st Mar 11:59 PM (100 x 3 = 300 points)
3 of May at 11:59pm (200 points)
Submit both a copy online for plagiarism check and bring a physical copy to class for grading
Submit this assessment online only.
Link to start you on your APA journey:

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